Current Events 02-04-2015

I Am NOT an Anti-Vaxxer – I’m What You Could Call a Delay-Vaxxer Rand Paul: ‘The State Doesn’t Own Your Children’

I don’t think it is either wise or effective to give newborns a pile of vaccines all at once. Their immature immune systems are not capable of generating as strong an immune response as they can when they are older – hence the need for so many booster shots. It also makes them very sick (it did ours, the one time I let myself be pressured into giving the vaccines). If a baby is breastfed, as they should be, then they get their immunities from their mother. If you wait until they are 1 or 2 years old, and just follow the recommended shot schedule from the CDC (, the shots are properly staggered, and you also don’t need so many. If your wife is opting to be a mother as opposed to shifting the responsibility to daycare, then this greatly reduced exposure, coupled with the breastfeeding, means you can safely wait to give the vaccines.

I absolutely understand why the State would want to mandate vaccines, since there are all these wackadoo anti-vaxxer nutters running about with their non-vaccinated kids putting all the rest of us at risk. At the same time, I do not appreciate the none-too-subtle threat of prosecution or calling DFS that you get when you inform your pediatrician, politely but firmly, that you prefer to wait until the child is a little older before giving the vaccines. This is why I tend to take a more Libertarian stance on this – they are MY children, not the Government’s. I advise those of you currently starting up your families to find yourself an OB and a pediatrician who is in agreement with you on this and will back your play.

Oswald Was a Mentally Unstable Man Who Was Given a Vital Nudge By Agents of the Cuban Government He Met at a Fateful Party in Mexico City – It Was Castro’s Reprisal For Repeated Failed Assassination Attempts By the CIA What the Warren Commission Didn’t Know

The cover-up was the various agencies going into full CYA mode since they had intelligence that could have prevented Kennedy’s assassination but which, like the 9/11 attacks, they ignored.

Yet Another Example of How the “War” on Drugs Has Decimated Civil Liberties How Uncle Sam Became a Bank Robber; Civil forfeiture and money laundering laws let the IRS seize the accounts of legitimate businesses.


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