Current Events 04-10-2015

This Is the Kind of Treatment We Can Expect When Faux Marriage Becomes the Law of the Land Yawning Over the Left’s Pizza Bullies

Prison It Is Rev. Cruz: If Gay Marriage is ‘Civil Right,’ Gov’t Will Force Pastors to Obey ‘Unjust’ Law or ‘Obey God and Face Prison’

Liberals Live In A World of Lies and Zero Accountability Lying About Campus Rape Culture

Most men are very decent, and instinctively protective of women. We do not deserve the extremely sexist charge of “all men are potential rapists.” I personally would respond to rape or attempted rape by going all Old Testament on the perpetrator. Most men would do the same. I’m sorry for whatever has been done to these liberal women to make them hate men so strongly, but we are not guilty. There need to be consequences when a journalist lies.


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