Current Events 04-21-2015

Our Toxic PC Culture “What a horrible mother:” How a call from a “good samaritan” derailed these mothers’ lives

Where is the “tender care” for the millions of children murdered in the womb worldwide every year? Where’s the outrage over the tens of thousands of children bought and sold via human trafficking and the sex trade? What about the rampant abuse and neglect in our so-called “Child Welfare” system as unwanted children are generated by irresponsible fornicating adults, and then abandoned to the “mercy” of the foster care system? Our culture is oddly selective about the children it chooses to care about. Meanwhile, these women are being viciously mistreated by an unaccountable legal system, when all they did was what I do routinely, what all of you have done, and what our own parents did all the time. Miserable, useless SJW’s.

The Rise of Feminism Has Become A War on Men Why men won’t get married anymore: Women complain chaps today won’t settle down. Sorry, ladies, but it’s all your fault, argues a wickedly provocative new book

We sought to elevate women, which is good, and very Biblical by the way, but it has morphed into a visceral hatred of men in which our society has only exchanged one form of sexism for another. Men are not the enemy. There’s nothing wrong with us. We are neither rapists nor pedophiles. We are not bumbling idiots that need a woman to mother us. We have a right to our children, and children have a right and need for their fathers. Feminism and Homosexualism are destroying the traditional family, and with it, all the advantages and benefits to our children at home and society at large. It’s evil, folks, pure evil, and it has to stop

You know why I have, in my own imperfect way, managed to become a good, wise, and effective father and husband? Because I watched my own Dad do it and imitated him. Now I’m teaching the same things to my sons and daughters. MY children won’t be poisoned by the vile philosophies of this wicked generation. They will grow up loved, secure, and happy, and go on to create beautiful, intelligent children who will benefit their world also. You know, that thing the much maligned traditional family accomplishes when it’s done right as the Bible teaches and Jesus demonstrated.

Why Are We Not Recycling This Stuff? Humans Threw Out 92 Billion Pounds of Electronics Last Year

Used electronics are riddled with precious metals and rare earth metals. They are called rare earth metals on account of they’re RARE. As in, when they’re gone, there aren’t any more. China is buying up mineral rights all over the world so we will continue to transfer our wealth to them. Used electronics aren’t trash, people – they’re strategic resources.


The Western World Contributes to the Poverty and Suffering of the 3rd World Through Their Stupid, Misguided Iterventionist Policies How malaria is evolving to survive our most potent drug; Mutations stabilize a protein that our best drug targets.

Malaria drugs only work if everybody takes them, all the doses, until the parasite has been fully eradicated. Many of these poor countries are loaded with ignorant, peasant-type people who are suspicious of medicine and don’t follow the directions, so the parasite is allowed to rally and develop resistance to the drugs. This is all, of course, only a Band-Aid to the problem. The real problem is the vector transmitters – the mosquitoes. There needs to be a worldwide war on mosquitoes, beginning with an end on the 1st world’s ban on DDT which is killing countless children in the 3rd world.


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