Current Events 08-18-2015

In What Way Are We Obligated to Share Our Prosperity With Other Nations? Immigration: Issue Of The Century

The Democrats, long the party of slavery, want to import a permanent underclass that they can exploit in future elections. The wealthy and the powerful want their housekeepers and gardeners which they can continue to underpay. Corporations want cheap labor that they can fire and deport at will. And the American worker has to foot the bill. We must do what’s best for America. Even Mexico has stricter immigration laws than America. Why must we allow a bunch of largely uneducated, tribalist parasites to siphon off our prosperity, while simultaneously throwing American citizens out of work? It is dysfunctional and unsustainable.

Caution Undocumented Democrats





Google is Skynet Watch Google’s terrifying humanoid robot running through a forest as firm pledges it will soon be MORE agile than a human


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