Current Events 03-11-2016

Talking Simply Doesn’t Mean You’re Dumb – It Means You’re Trying to Communicate The Way Trump Talks in Debates Is Contagious

Is This Not Precisely What You Want a Populist Candidate to Do? 46,000 Pa. Democrats Become Republicans Due To Trump

Carter Gave Away the Panama Canal, Obama Wants to Give Away ICANN Internet domain handoff takes major step forward

Rocket Man!!!! Here’s a man with a jetpack casually flying over Dublin

Well, that’s one way to commute.

Ironically Tragic Avalanche kills director of avalanche center in Oregon

It’s Not Racist to Be Concerned About Illegal Immigration It isn’t racist to fear migration, says the Archbishop of Canterbury: Justin Welby believes it is ‘outrageous’ to dismiss public’s genuine concerns

Truly Epic The Physics of Buster’s Epic End in the MythBusters Finale

If Buster was a live human, the acceleration alone would have liquified his innards.


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