Current Events 03-21-2016

Read That Carefully. A BLACK TRUMP SUPPORTER. And The Guy He Beat Down? A Cracker in a KKK Outfit. WOW! VIDEO– BLACK TRUMP SUPPORTER – STOMPS Anti-Trump Protester in With Confederate Sign at Tucson Rally

Trump-Cruz 2016. Think About It. The Case for Trump + Cruz

The ultimate anti-establishment dream team. Finally, we can give Washington the enema it deserves.

It’s Time to Burn Down the Whole Filthy System and Start Fresh. Why it’s time for a Trump revolution

The Trump protestors? Hired thugs, paid by billionaire George Soros. Inevitable comparisons to dictators? Empty rhetoric. Focus on his past sins? Hypocritical, coming from the people who voted for Bill Clinton. The quest for the perfect “Christian” candidate? Naive and delusional. Trump is a hammer. A tool, to be used by the electorate to destroy the system that has failed to represent us for 50 years. Finally, our best chance to effect real, lasting change to the political system, and all people can do is whine about it. And attack the people who want to pick up that hammer and go to work. Foolish.


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