Current Events 04-05-2016

But Geography is HARD!! Walmart pulls Maryland shirts featuring the outline of Massachusetts, issues apology

You Know, How America’s Human Sacrifice Benefits Our Elites Thanks to math, we can calculate the benefits of human sacrifice; Complex society may depend on occasionally murdering innocent people.

Trump or Cruz Must Win Lock Out the Establishment in Cleveland!

It is irrelevant to me at this point who gets the nomination, as long as the guy who gets it does so fair and square. In spite of all the sniping and bickering, these two men have a duty to America to block any effort by the Establishment to bring in one of their own and simply hand him the nomination. They will have to bury their pride and work together. If the Republican Elites succeed in sabotaging the nomination process, then I am done. I will not vote for anybody who is the result of a brokered convention and political shenanigans.

Revolution What Trump Has Wrought

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

It Is Time To Push Back Against the Liberal Death Cult I Want a President to Teach Liberals a Lesson

Too long have the PC Thought Police been permitted to determine which speech is acceptable and which is not. They do so often using tax dollars. It is, in effect, the State religion, and if you refuse to bow to Nebuchadnezzar, you must be thrown into the fiery furnace. We need someone in power who will jack some jaws on our behalf and put an end to media-controlled speech.


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