Current Events 04-11-2016

Pseudo-Christians Of Course See No Need to Adhere to the Bible, or the US Constitution The ‘Bigger Problems’ of Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal

Like Trump or Hate Him, The Effort To Stop Him Reveals The Truth – Democracy is An Illusion Colorado Republicans cancel presidential vote at 2016 caucus

We are permitted to vote, and our votes count, so long as we vote the way our elitist masters want us to vote. But you let a plurality of the electorate revolt against their taskmasters and vote for a candidate of their choosing, and you find out in a hurry how little respect our elitist oligarchs have for the electoral process.

There Has to Be a Way for Law Enforcement to Do Their Jobs Without Shredding the 4th Amendment Baltimore Case on Cellphone Tracking Echoes Broader Concerns


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