On Choice and Destiny

I am re-reading the NT again, and something occurred to me as I was perusing the genealogy of Joseph, Jesus’ adoptive human father. Phares was the son of Tamar, the product of incest with her father Judah, due to some bizarre circumstances unique to Ancient Near Eastern culture. Had modern “reproductive rights” been available to Tamar, she could have aborted that child, and the law specifically states today that she could – it would even be encouraged. She instead had twins, Phares and Zara. She let the unwanted, socially unacceptable children live. These children’s names and bloodlines would go on to be recorded in Matthew chapter 1 as the distant ancestors of Joseph, the man who would be father to Christ, teach him how to be a man, and how to be a carpenter.

Another thought. Mary had, her protestations of innocence and conception by a miracle of the Holy Ghost notwithstanding, by all appearances become pregnant out of wedlock. Joseph, whose ancestors included the children of incest, was minded to annul the betrothing (bride price had been paid, wedding feast had not yet occurred, and the marriage had not been consummated) privately. Another unplanned pregnancy that would surely end in abortion today. The Holy Spirit assured him that in this instance the woman was telling the truth and the tiny embryo in her womb was the product of a once-in-human-history miracle – the Incarnation. So he married her as planned, even though he would be fully within his rights to cancel the union.

When the conveniences of antiseptic, state-sponsored genocide are common, who knows what has been lost so that women can “choose” (a polite term for murder without consequences)? How many children like Phares and Zara will never take their place in history? How many brilliant people will never be born, so the modern day worshippers of Moloch can have their child sacrifice?

Had Tamar and Mary exercised their “choice”, the consequences to the world would have been enormous.


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