Current Events 07-05-2024

Heads We Win, Tails You Lose The ‘insurance policy’ makes her move…

They Are the Enemy It’s Never Joever; Things just morph and change.

They aren’t the opposition. They aren’t another point of view. They aren’t a misguided opinion, or a mistaken conclusion, or a person voting out of tradition. If you support the Democrat party, you are the enemy. You have abandoned reason, wisdom, and the rule of law. You are a brainwashed sycophant who will use violence if you don’t get your way. Party of death. Party of child sacrifice. Demon worshipping cult members. You don’t persuade people like this. Only defeat them. Then destroy everything they are. That’s the state of it.

We Are a People, Brought Up In A Country That Was Begun By an Insurrection July 4 Has Always Been About Resisting Tyranny, And This Year Is No Exception

The Left Will Kill Trump If They Cannot Keep Power Of Death Squads, Dementia, and Desperation; Fueled by the duncery of liberal female judges, Democrats and the media have their newest talking point: Thanks to the Supreme Court, a president can now kill his enemies with impunity.


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