Current Events 05-19-2016

In a Word: Giddy Blade, Ghost Rider, And Moon Knight Rumored For Netflix Series

I Hope to Live to See The Day That HIV is Finally Erased From the World Scientists Find A “Weak Spot” In HIV That May Pave the Way to a Vaccine

What has been an inconvenience for the wealthy West has been an apocalyptic plague in Africa. You don’t read about it, because the Western media, let’s face it, is unconsciously racist about the African continent. Nobody cares when hundreds of millions of Africans are killed by disease and/or war. We only care if there’s some possibility of them coming “over here” and bringing their diseases with them. As long as it’s confined to the African continent, the West looks the other way. I pray for a day when HIV and Malaria have been rendered extinct.

#NeverTrump = #Treason For Trump (and with enthusiasm)

Truth Trump’s Problem with Women

Finally Trump refers to alleged Bill Clinton sexual indiscretions as ‘rape’

Because that’s exactly what they were, and then Hillary did everything in her power to destroy those women.

WHERE ARE THE INTERVIEWS OF ALL THE WOMEN BILLARY MOLESTED!!?? Clinton Rape Accuser Juanita Broaddrick: NY Times Should Interview Bill’s Alleged Female Victims




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