Current Events 07-12-2016

America is Becoming a 3rd World Country Cash-Strapped Towns Are Un-Paving Roads They Can’t Afford to Fix

Data Reveals the Real Problem A year of reckoning: Police fatally shoot nearly 1,000

There is no widespread conspiracy by police to murder blacks. Are there individual cases of prejudice? Almost certainly. Yet, the data reveals that most of the shootings are against whites. We can see that there needs to be better training on how to deal with mental illness, and people who are trying to “commit suicide by cop”. We can see that cops need better training on how to deal with suspects who are fleeing arrest. We can also see that the crime rate in predominantly black areas is much higher than other such communities. So, we need to figure out WHY there is so much more crime in these communities, and work on doing things that will alleviate the root causes, like poverty, failing schools, crumbling infrastructure, and broken families. We also have to make sure that the justice system is fairly representing the poor, and that there is no systemic discrimination against blacks. The War on Drugs has filled our jails with blacks. So, the ones that abortion haven’t murdered, are badly educated by sub-standard schools, and then shuffled off to prison. AND ABOVE ALL ELSE, WE HAVE TO HOLD MEDIA ACCOUNTABLE FOR DIRECTLY CAUSING THE DEATHS OF POLICE OFFICERS THROUGH PISS POOR REPORTING, AND BLACK LIVES MATTER, FOR FOMENTING FURTHER VIOLENCE AND PREJUDICE.


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