Current Events 07-27-2016

#BlackLivesMatter is Illegitimate Black Lives Matter, but So Does the Truth; Activists alienate potential allies in the fight against police abuse by perpetuating myths.

Because of Black Lives Matter and their total willingness to perpetuate lies, and politician’s total willingness to exploit mob justice, we may never get to the heart of the matter, which is this: why are there so many shootings by police? What is it about our culture that is causing police interactions to escalate so quickly, often fatally? There is no conspiracy to hunt and kill blacks. There is however an alarming tendency for police to shoot people. Even when you eliminate the cases where it is justified (suspect has a gun, suspect attacks police), it’s still very high. As a community of citizens, we have to work to establish the level of accountability and transparency we desire from our police (and that’s the correct pronoun: the police are ‘ours’), while making sure at the same time that police are safe, well equipped, and able to do that job. And for God’s sake stop blaming all your problems on imaginary racism!


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