Current Events 12-02-2016

It’s All A Lot of Anti-American Propaganda The Myth of Racist America

And the real racists are the Democrats perpetuating the myth.

What’s Not to Love? Sorry Progressives, Millennials Love Capitalism

Government  Boondoggle GAO: ‘The miracle of the LCS didn’t happen’

The Military Industrial Complex is one of the greediest, most wasteful segments of the American economy we have. The military has to be both modernized and streamlined. Right now, it’s just one expensive, outdated weapon system with entrenched supporters after another, coupled with low bidding charlatans and their pointless new weapons systems that don’t work. And the average soldier gets the shaft.

Fake Wars Are For the Profit of the Military Industrial Complex, and Help Create Lots of Dead Americans Fake News And War Party Lies

There’s big money to be made from the blood of dead soldiers, and countless dead civilians in other countries.


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