Current Events 07-26-2017

The Wealthy West Feels Totally OK With Having One Standard For Themselves and Another For Poor African Countries Enemies of Humanity

These Pack of Liars and Frauds Are Why We Call Them #FakeNews One Year Later, Journalists Exposed By WikiLeaks Carry On As Before

Quality Education Is For the Wealthy – Not For Us Teachers Union President Thinks You’re a Racist if You Yank Your Kids from Their Crappy Schools

How DARE we try to secure a better future for our children!

#FireMueller Fire Mueller

If Sessions Won’t Do the ONE Thing He Was Appointed to Do, Then He Needs to Be Removed Attorney General Jeff Sessions Deserves All the Public Hell Trump Can Dish Up

We Have to Stop Acting Like the Left Has the Right To Dictate to Us, Never Themselves, How to Behave Always Do More of What the Media Forbids; That should be one of the organizing principles of the Trump administration.

What REALLY Horrifies Them Is That They’ve Already Lost This Generation Trump Critics ‘HORRIFIED’ Over Trump’s Wild Speech To The Boy Scouts

Stop Pretending This Has Anything to Do With Faux Marriage – They Targeted This Business To Create Test Cases In Order to End Religious Liberty In America Lesbian Couple Turned Away From Bridal Boutique; Shop Gets One Star Ratings And Death Threats


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