Current Events 08-11-2017

The Tech Industry Has to Be Brought to Heel Tech is at war with the world

The Populism That Elected Trump Will Turn Against the Gated Cities of the Coasts Next Big Tech’s arrogance is creating a new appetite for trust-busting.

Google Exists Because of the First Amendment, and They Are Now the Enemy of Free Speech Google betrays the reason for its own existence.

Boys and Girls Are Different By Firing the Google Memo Author, the Company Confirms His Thesis

America, It’s Time to Abandon the Coasts and Live in the Midlands Liberalism’s Summer of ’17; Liberals whine about being governed by Trump. Pity those governed by them.

Go On Dems. Keep Proving Us Right For Electing Trump. Let the Dems Be the Transgender Party; That will just make it easier for Trump to win re-election.

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others Misplaced Pride; Not everything clicks in life.


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