Current Events 09-05-2017

Illegal Immigration is Illegal For a Reason – It Siphons Resources Away From an Already Weak Economy Arguments For DACA Put Americans Last

Corporations want access to cheap foreign labor whom are slaves in all but name. They have no rights. No legal standing. Business can grossly underpay them. They aren’t required to pay them benefits. They’re not protected if they get injured on the job. They can’t sue if they are wrongly fired. They don’t get paid holidays, or paid vacation time, or sick days, or time off for their families. They are the invisible slave class that big business exploits to boost their profits at the expense of Americans who need those jobs.

Fascists Use Violence to Intimidate and Silence Dissent Violence Next Time

Why Not Increase Economic Growth and Help MORE People Enter the Middle Class? The quiet comeback of the middle class


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