Current Events 12-11-2017

It Was Principles, Not the Abandoning of Them, That Made Me Vote Trump Republican Trump Critics Missing the Boat

So spare me your sanctimonious condescension. I am actually quite intelligent, and made an informed, intelligent, strategic decision in 2016 that has thus far paid off in spades. One has to, on the contrary, question the intelligence of people who were willing to throw the election to Hillary rather than support Donald J Trump.

The #FakeNews Media Continues to Campaign For Trump 2020 Winning against media’s botch jobs

A Year Later and They Still Don’t Know Why They Lost Roy Moore Proves Media Only Destroys Itself in Elections

We, the Normals, are united in our disdain for the #AltLeft. We will not rest until they are driven from every area of influence and power.

It’s Not Enough to Disagree With Us. The #AltLeft Thinks We Do Not Deserve to Exist. As Fascists Do. We’re the Type of Americans They Want to Go Away

It’s Why Forevermore I Will Refer to Them As #RacistDemocrats I Am Not the Racist; They Are

The Left Has Exploited Our Decency and Sense of Fairness – No More Woke Conservatives And The Awesome Power Of Not Caring

Controlling Language is How Fascists/Communists Control Thought What C.S. Lewis Can Teach Us About America’s Pronoun Wars


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