Current Events 01-20-2018

Too Much of America Looks 3rd World Of Pothole Countries And The Sh**hole, That Ill-Begotten Epithet

It’s Been a Good Year President Trump’s First Year In Office Has Been A Blessing For The American People; Whether on the economic, military, regulatory, or judicial fronts, President Trump has made major progress for all Americans

Identity Politics is the New Fascism, and the Democrats Are the Party of Hate How Political Correctness And Identity Politics Are Destroying America

It’s Been a Monopoly For Too Long Revisit plans to break up the 9th Circuit

Every Time You Poop, You Can Thank a White Guy It’s Not in a Hole in the Ground ‘White Privilege’ and the Great Stink of 1858

Pro-Choice is Pro-Slavery Pro-Lifers Are Modern Abolitionists And Pro-Choicers Are Modern Slaveholders. Here’s Proof.


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