Current Events 01-29-2018

Us vs Them Real Americans vs. Our Effete Elites

They have formed a shadow monarchy with all of us regarded as peasants. This article is worth re-reading from time to time: The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly.

These People Are Involved in a Coup With Our Elected President – We Must Fight Back, And Fight Harder Shoving Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals Right Back in the Left’s Ugly Face

This is another article worth re-reading: The Flight 93 Election The 2016 election was a stunning victory, but we have not won the war. We are fighting for the right to self-governance. Will you be peasants, or kings of your own destiny?

America is Open For Business! America First Triumphs in Davos

No Sane Person Will Vote Against Economic Prosperity It’s Trump’s Economy Now

Fascists Love to Be Seen As the Victims, While Victimizing Everybody Else Fake News: WIRED Magazine Presents Google’s Racist, Anti-Conservative Harassers as Victims, Smears Breitbart


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