Current Events 02-16-2018

It’s really sad that I can step away from the news for a week to work on a ridiculously tedious and time-consuming project, come back a week later, and nothing has really changed. Trump is still “bad”. Christians are still hated by the Left. The MSM is still yammering on about Fake News stories THEY created, like Russian collusion. And oh look, a new school massacre, so it must be time for lots of Lefty crocodile tears and demands that the citizenry disarm in the face of their fascist tyranny. Same song, different verse.

We Live in the World the Leftists Created, a Culture of Death Filled With Angry, Morally Confused, Fatherless Children Who Can’t Tell Reality From Fantasy What Kind Of Society Condemns People For Praying After A School Shooting? No matter our passion and sincerity, human wisdom alone will not solve the terrible problem of mass shootings in America.

If you use the hashtag #ThoughtsAndPrayersDoNothing after a terrible tragedy precipitated by the culture of Death YOU YOURSELF HAVE PROMOTED, you’re probably a liberal. And also an anti-Christian bigot.

Why Do Massacres Keep Happening at Schools? Cause the Shooters KNOW There’s No Guns In There to Stop Them. Why We Must Arm Teachers Now!

Haters Gonna’ Hate I Wish I Were as Bad a Christian as Mike Pence

Christians, it’s time to read the writing on the wall – the Left hates you, and they will destroy you if they can. You must not let them.

No Hatred Is Greater Than Hate Motivated By Religion The Religion Of The Democratic Party Is Abortion And Brunch; We are told that Facebook is the new church. Brunch is the new Sunday sacrament. And when it comes to abortion, dissenters will not be tolerated.


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