Current Events 03-13-2018

Socialsim, Progressivism, Are Tired Relics of the Bloody 20th Century – They Have to Go Trump’s Presidency May Decide the Fate of Socialism in America; It’s never time to give socialism a try.

Never Forget Americans – Democrats Hate You ‘Backwards’: Hillary Clinton Apparently Still Has No Clue Why She Lost; Her condescending words targeted voters in states that twice voted for Obama, and show she still doesn’t understand why Americans didn’t vote for her.

Never Trumpers Are Traitors How Do Trump Critics Respond to Success?

Louis Farrakhan is David Duke For Black People It’s Time for Juan Williams to Go

Stop Voting For the Party That Wants Black People Dead Scalpels Kill More Kids than Guns

How Is More, Better Jobs For Americans A Bad Thing? Understanding the Trump Trade Doctrine

You Would Normally Expect A Professor Teaching Christianity Would KNOW There Are Only Two Genders Student Booted From Christianity Class For Telling Professor There Are Only Two Genders

Religion of Peace My Ass The Ongoing Plight of Christians

As It Should Be Four Ways Religion Can Help Alleviate Poverty In America


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