Current Events 03-30-2018

It Requires a Magnificent Effort of Self-Delusion to Deny The Evidence of Your Own Eyes, Conscience Study: Atheists Find Meaning In Life By Inventing Fairy Tales; Atheists often snidely dismiss religion as a fairy tale. Yet a study finds the meaning atheists and non-religious people attribute to their lives is entirely self-invented.

Why We Homeschool The Public School System Is Crawling With Sex Predators But Nobody Cares

I kept my kids out of public school because I wanted them to be actually educated after 18 years.

If You Have to Ask You Probably Went to Public School Why the Second Amendment?

She Should Have to Wear Some Kind of Badge, Like a Star Or Something Stand for Laura Ingraham and a Free Press; Adult sponsors of companies sign on to bullying a conservative commentator off the air.

Nestle chocolate sucks anyway. Any sane person knows if you want chocolate, you buy Ghiradelli. And if you can’t get that, Hershey.

This Is Why We Need a 2nd Amendment – Because We Keep Having to Go to Court to Defend Rights ALREADY GUARANTEED BY THE CONSTITUTION Federal Court Delivers the Coup de Gras to Contraception Mandate; A long legal war on religious liberty is finally over.

When we start having to defend the Bill of Rights, in particular the 1st amendment, you know you will soon need those guns guaranteed by the 2nd.


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