Current Events 04-06-2018

The #AltLeft Hates Normals – They Want You Gone, They Want You Destroyed The Nuclear Family Threat

Want to be a revolutionary? Want to stick it to the man? Finish school, start a business, get traditionally married, have a loving relationship with your opposite gender spouse, and generate a bunch of responsible, patriotic kids. EVERYBODY TRIGGERED!!!






No Leftist Seriously Wants to “Co-Exist”. They Expect Us to “Co-Exist” With Their Evil Deviant Behavior, But Have Zero Tolerance For Us. The American Cultural Revolution

In a Nation With a Second Amendment, We Can Look at the Marxists and Say “Make Us” They Take the Second Amendment First and the First Amendment Second

RACIST Gazillionaires Democrats: The Party of the Super-Duper (Mostly White) Gazillionaires


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