America Is Multi-Ethnic, Not Multicultural

America is unique among the nations in that we are bound to one another not by ethnic heritage, but by ideology. American culture makes us all American. So, you can celebrate your national heritage, and we can all celebrate with you. Irish, Italian, German, Jewish, Polish, West African, Indian, Indigenous, and so forth, all add their unique characteristics to the nation as a whole. We can enjoy our uniqueness and still be unified to one another because of our common American identity. It’s why our country is so incredible.

Multiculturalism is Marxism with a different label. It starts with the idea that American culture is evil and oppressive, and that all other cultures, no matter how barbaric, backwards, and repressive, are equal to ours. As a matter of fact, our success means we have to endlessly apologize for who we are, and be made ashamed of our superior cultural heritage. Multiculturalism divides American from American, spits on our flag, spits on our history and values, and diminishes the individual in the face of a pervasive identity politics groupthink. America is great because her people are great. America is superior because her culture is superior. We succeed because we’re better. No matter how you got here, if you’re a citizen, either natural born or naturalized, you are my countryman. Thank God that of all the places you could have been birthed, He put you in the United States. And that is a very great blessing indeed. God bless America!

Golden Rule


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