Current Events 04-14-2018

All Of You Bible Thumping Jesus Kind of People, Need Not Apply ‘DO YOU BELIEVE GAY SEX IS A PERVERSION?’: According to Democrats, Christians Cannot Serve In Government

And yes, Crazy Senator Booker, we DO believe gay “sex” is a perversion. Because it is. More specifically, it is an abomination.

When You Try to Use the Big Stick of Government to Make Me Agree With You, You Make It My WHOLE Business If Your Sex Life Is None Of Our Business, Stop Demanding That We Celebrate It And Fund It

This Is a Free Country. We Don’t Have to Agree With Your Wicked, Leftist Ideology. Trump Nominee Wendy Vitter Is Right: Planned Parenthood Kills At Least 150,000 Girls Every Year. This issue with Vitter’s confirmation comes as people on the Left are increasing pressure against hires if they’ve spoken against abortion or any non-hardline leftist views.

This Is Pure Anti-Christian Bigotry. It’s Why We Keep Winning Elections. ‘New Yorker’ Columnist: Chick-Fil-A Is Evil And Must Be Banned From Our Holy City

I Think All Further Prosecutions of Any Politician Should Be Suspended Until Bill and Hillary Clinton Are In Jail If The Democrats Remove Governor Eric Greitens, Their Witch Hunt of Donald Trump Will Be Emboldened

Comedy Is By Nature Offensive – The Left Has No Sense of Humor, Only Bigotry In a World Where Everyone’s Offended by Everything, Can Comedy Exist?


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