Current Events 04-27-2018

Shall We Surrender Our Liberty To Technocrats? How the Internet Turned Bad; The 1990s Vision Failed

We Cannot Be Polite. We Cannot Ever Apologize For Being Right. Stand On Truth And Make All The Liars And Fascists Bleed. If You Want To Stop Liberal Bullying, Start By Telling Them To Buzz Off

This is the Temple and the time has come to flip over tables. If we choose to stick our heads in the sand and be meek and mild, we’re going to look around one day and find there is no country for Christians anymore. And that would be a tragedy for the whole world.

Case in Point Christians Deceived by the LGBTQ Movement

Living and Powerful and Sharper Than Any Two-Edged Sword No GQ, the Bible is not Racist, Sexist or Boring

Doesn’t Anyone Love the People Who Only Want Freedom From Mental Illness? If California’s LGBT Therapy Ban Had Been Law 30 Years Ago, I Might Have Killed Myself; If I had been prevented from having access to helpful people and materials, as Assembly Bill 2943 proposes, the bill would have been a ‘stay trans and die’ bill for me.

The UK Is Lost. And We’re There in 20 Years If We Are Not Vigilant. Why Alfie Will Never Escape the NHS Alive; Tom Evans has been taught to love Big Brother.

The Deep State Rules Best When People Are Afraid, Emotional, And Not Thinking. How False Flag Operations Are Carried Out Today


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