Current Events 05-17-2018

Stop Blackwashing History, Fascist Revisionist Libs Color in Black and White; Is “blackwashing” the new ”whitewashing”?

European culture, European history, should not be altered or diminished to spare the feelings of lesser cultures that never accomplished as much.

So When Are You Libtards Giving Up Toilets, Or Antibiotics, Or Forks? Cultural Appropriation Cuts Both Ways

We Don’t Need More Illiterate Peasants The Irish Aren’t Red-Headed Mexicans

It took 150 years to assimilate the Irish. We need to stop immigration, and let all our various existing immigrant groups catch up. We need more un-hyphenated Americans.

Why Should We Change? You’re The Ones Who Suck. Why Do Liberals Think We Are Morally Obligated To Die To Make Them Happy?

It’s Time To Make America Safe For Americans The Nutball Alt Left Replaces God With The State And The Nutball Alt Right Replaces God With Man

Freedom of Speech, Libtards Man Attacked At Cheesecake Factory For Wearing MAGA Hat Speaks Out

There Is A Way That Seems Right, But The End Result Is Only Death The Sexual Revolution Is A Catastrophic Failure. It’s Time To Give Up On This Experiment.

The Sexual Revolution is an unmitigated lie, a Marxist fabrication that has caused horrific harm to our country and the world.


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