Current Events 07-13-2018

Roe v Wade Will Go Down in Infamy Alongside Plessy v Ferguson Five Reasons I Think “Roe v. Wade” Should Be Overturned

If Murdering Babies Doesn’t Disturb You, What About the Women? Many Women Are Already Serving Life Because Of Abortion, And Overturning Roe Won’t Change That; Ilyse Hogue recently claimed President Trump ‘is going to put someone on the court who will be the fifth vote to criminalize abortion, punish women and throw them in jail.’

The Judiciary Is NOT the Legislature – Ruling America Through Judicial Fiat Is What The Left is Protecting Democrats Don’t Fear Brett Kavanaugh; They Fear The Constitution

Being “Nice” Only Encourages the Wicked, and Allows Evil to Continue Unchallenged What Christian Leaders Can Learn from Donald Trump

Slavery Was Accepted Universally Until White Christians Ended It Once and For All Slavery: What They Didn’t Teach in My High School

We Were Screwed By the Uniparty. Trump Is the Needed Correction. Generation Trump? Some of the President’s most vociferous supporters are Gen X’ers, and there are good reasons for it.

Slippery Slopes Pedophiles Believe They Should Be A Part Of The LGBT Community

Of course they do. And as the length of the acronym comprising the ever growing list of protected victim classes increases, we will be asked, bullied, then forced to accept an ever increasing list of perversions. This is the very slippery slope Christians were mocked for referencing back in the 1980s when the push to normalize homosexuality picked up steam. When you eliminate all moral absolutes, when you seek to end all controls on human behavior, when you destroy the belief in God, how can a society maintain order? How can we judge anything to be good or evil when the very concept of “good” and “evil” is negated? Social collapse and anarchy will inevitably follow.


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