Current Events 07-19-2018

Trump Is Right To Distrust the Intelligence Community/Deep State U.S. President Donald Trump Initially Refused to Acknowledge Manufactured Reality; Why should Trump give any credence to the intelligence agencies who first tried to prevent, and later subvert, his presidency?

Fake Outrage, Fake Crisis, FAKE NEWS The Trump/Putin Summit Is the Worst Thing Ever Until the Next Worse Thing Ever

The Left Are Brownshirt Fascists Who Will Kill Us Before They’ll Let Us Have Our Country This Opinion Just In… No, political mayhem is not a bipartisan thing.

The #AltLeft Are Dangerous – Defend Yourself Accordingly Rap Sheet: ***529*** Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters

Government Is Force, So People Who Want Government To Solve Everything Are Totalitarian By Nature Of Course, ‘Activists’ Are Thugs

Faux Civility Is A Gag Meant to Silence All Opposition Jumping the New York Times Invisible Fence; A good dog knows his place — or else!

And the New York Times is the fakest of all fake news.

Every Policy, Every Action, Is an Expression of Belief Everybody Has Religious Beliefs, Some People Just Deny It; When politicians argue that we should not ‘legislate morality,’ they are engaging in a theater of the absurd.

We Need Our Past, To Inform Our Present, Prepare Us For Our Futures Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Relative On Librarians’ Dismissal Of Her Work: ‘Trying To Rewrite’ History

Censorship is the Left’s favorite tool of oppression.

If We Lose This Fight, We’ll Never Get Any More Nominations – And the Left Knows It Don’t Let Them Bork Judge Kavanaugh



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