Current Events 08-02-2018

Atheism Is the Way of Death Would human life be sacred in an atheist world? It’s disturbingly hard to say so

You Can’t Call It Evil If There Is No God New Atheists’ Views Of Murder Prove Jordan Peterson Is Right About Where Atheism Leads. Let us give Steven Pinker and Sam Harris their hearing. Let us follow them into the broad, sunlit uplands of their utopian moral landscape and see what we might find there.

The fool has said in his heart “There is no God.” Why do we continue to show respect or tolerance for fools, especially when, given the chance, they consistently do such terrible things? Atheism is a moral and intellectual sinkhole that inevitably leads to anarchy and death wherever it is tolerated. Atheism exists in the West due to the social order and stability created by Judeo-Christian influences. So in this sense, atheists are like anti-vaxxers who depend on the protection of the vaccinated populace to live, all the while decrying those who utilize vaccines.

Democrats Sure Do Love Violence and Death The Origins of Our Second Civil War

We conservatives will not start this war, but by God we WILL finish it.

The Left IS the Fringe – Their Nuts Are Celebrated, Even Venerated Guess What, Brian Schatz? There’s Plenty Of Crazy To Go Around. The idea that one side has all the nuts is absurd. In many ways, our political insanity is symbiotic.

Tell Me Again How We Are Guilty of Violent Rhetoric Reporters, Celebs Call Trump Supporters ‘Nazis,’ ‘KKK,’ Want Them ‘Euthanized’ After Tampa Rally

Never Distract a Liberal With Facts I’m a director at ICE: Stop putting politics before safety

No More Transplants Grow-your-own organs could be here within five years, as scientists prove they work in pigs

I certainly hope they get a Nobel.

Facepalm No, Jesus Is Not Even Close To A Socialist

As a matter of fact, when Communists take over, the followers of Christ are the first ones they kill.

What Do You Know – Comply With Law Enforcement’s Commands and You Won’t Be Shot Father Grabs Gun to Detain Accused Naked Child Molester Threatening His Family

Thirty Years of Awesome Happy Anniversary, Rush!

Trayvon Was a Violent, Angry, Abandoned Young Man Who Nearly Killed George Zimmerman Paramount Owes America an Apology for Jay-Z’s Trayvon Series

Activist Idiocy, and Society Bears the Cost Polystyrene Bans Are Indefensible; Another example of trendiness based on utter ignorance.

Speech Doesn’t Hurt Anybody Ending Online Outrage Mobs

What they really want is the criminalization of thought.


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