Build the Wall, Mr. President

From 1924 to 1965, immigration to America was strictly curbed. This pause in immigration had the effect of forcing existing foreign born citizens to fully integrate into American culture. Nobody seriously wants to stop LEGAL immigration. What the President and a majority of American citizens desire is an end to the invasion of our country by illegal aliens. You cannot fault them for desiring a better life than the one they have in their terrible, failed, Marxist countries, but invading America and destroying our economy and culture in the process is not the solution. They need to stay home and fix their own countries instead of vaulting to the head of the line in front of LEGAL immigrants who truly desire to become Americans. These parasites only desire to leech off our wealth and generosity, and meanwhile their home countries never face the pressure to change. The 250 BILLION DOLLARS we waste every year on illegal aliens would be better spent repairing American infrastructure and restoring America’s impoverished inner cities. It would be better spent, in short, on Americans. BUILD THE WALL, Mr. President. Get it done.


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