Current Events 01-07-2019

Oh No. The 25% of the Bloated, Wasteful, Unaccountable Federal Government That Still Needs Congressional Approval is Closed. Keep It Closed for Two Years; Mr. President, keep it closed as long as you have to, and maybe even longer than that.

There Are Two Laws in America Now – Laws For Us, and Laws for “Them” Democrats get away with a much worse crime than Watergate.

Don’t Speak to Me Of Christian Beliefs You Miserable, Lying, Filthy, Godless Heathens How the Left Appropriates Christianity

SJW Christianity is no Christianity. Get a real God. Get a real Bible. Get a real philosophy. Or get out.

Unfettered Capitalism Can Be Just as Evil as Socialism Monopolies Spread Across Multiple Markets, Including Big Pharma

Marriage Matters Rescuing Marriage From The Liberals, Because Civilization Is At Stake


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