Trump’s America

When Leftists (that would be nearly every talking head on the news) say the phrase “Trump’s America”, let me boil that down for you as to what they mean. 

First of all, they are implying that there’s a different America that exists from “Trump’s America”, an enlightened, tolerant, socialist, Leftist utopia America that would never ever vote for a racist like Trump, that looks down their noses at unwashed peasants from “Trump’s America”, and presumably, in their enlightenment, has no problem murdering post-birth babies and allowing mentally ill men to share restrooms with little girls. This America is the America that all Leftists aspire to live in. 

Second, they are dredging up every bigoted anti-American, anti-MidWest, anti-Southern trope when they say “Trump’s America”. They are saying, basically, that all of us in “Trump’s America” are white (because clearly none of the millions of African-Americans and Latinos that voted Trump count for anything). We’re all a bunch of Klan member, hillbilly, sister-raping, bigoted, Confederate flag waving, pickup truck driving, hooping and hollering good ole’ boy hicks who have no access to proper dental care. They are implying that such an America once existed, and that they, the valiant, noble heathen liberals had nearly driven these inbred racists to extinction when out of nowhere, Trump shows up and validates them. It’s why they call anybody who wants a strong America coupled with curbing illegal migration a “white nationalist”. They won’t come right out and call you a Nazi on the news (on social media, that’s every other word out of their mouth), but in their minds, you might as well be stomping around in your jackboots with your Nazi flags waving to the tunes of “Deutschland Uber Alles”.

Here’s the Truth. There is no “Trump’s America”. There never was. Or I should say, the America they refer to when talking heads say “Trump’s America” was always there. It’s the real America, the actual America, the America that has been maligned, trodden on, mocked, spit on, and ignored since the 70s. The America that has watched its manufacturing jobs dry up and go overseas. The America that endured a thirty year freeze in wage increases. The America that goes to church and loves the flag and maybe, possibly, owns a pickup truck and/or some guns. The America that fights the wars and pays the taxes and works the jobs and grows the food and, until the 1980s, manufactured the things.

All so coastal elites can sit there in their cloistered, sheltered, gated cities and make decisions that have terrible consequences for the rest of the country, while they sneer at us over brunch and tell us to “Learn to code.”

The Truth is that their America, the elitist, Leftist, soy milk latte version of America, is the fantasy. Real America, on the other hand, elected Donald Trump, not to advance any racist ideologies (that would be the sole purview of the racist Democrats), but to defend and protect our America from a pack of heathen Leftists that seem hell-bent on tearing up the Constitution and transforming our country into a socialist hellhole like Europe.

So you see, “Trump’s America” wasn’t made by Donald Trump. It was always there, and it elected him to do a job, which, in spite of considerable opposition from the traitors on the Left and within his own party, he has done admirably.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth