Current Events 03-20-2019

Radical Islamists Have No Place in Western Societies Who Spawned the Christchurch Killer?

And Don’t You Dare Point This Out How to Silence Debate, New Zealand Edition

The Christchurch shooting is a false flag. The guy who did it is a self-avowed socialist and eco-terrorist. His stated goal was to create a mass shooting incident in which white supremacists would be implicated. Then his accomplices in the MSM would blame this on Trump voters and gun owners in America (because according to them, nearly everybody from the Midwest is a white supremacist) and abolish the 2nd amendment, thus sparking a Civil War in the United States. So he identified himself as a white supremacist (he is not), a member of the alt-right (he is not), and threw up the ‘OK’ sign (not a white supremacist gang sign), all in an effort to bait the media into smearing all Trump supporters as racists, which they do every day regardless, but this was extra propaganda material for them. White people aren’t the problem, folks. Radical Islamists ARE. And Fake News is busy fomenting ever more violence against Trump supporters and white people. They really are the Enemy of the People.


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