Current Events 04-26-2019

Toy Christianity Flat-Earth Christianity

I am a fundamentalist. Not a militant radical or lifestyle legalist as the term commonly means now, but a fundamentalist in the classical sense. Meaning, if you deny 1) the inerrancy of Scripture 2) the virgin birth of Jesus Christ 3) the deity of Jesus Christ 4) the bodily resurrection and physical return of Jesus Christ 5) the substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ on the cross, you are not a Christian according to the Biblical definition. If you are unwilling to believe on Jesus Christ but wish to enjoy the benefits of social order, human decency, and the rule of law that Christianity tends to create, you are no better than an anti-vaxxer wanting to benefit from herd immunity without committing to the needed shots.

Ex Uno Plura Defend America—Defeat Multiculturalism

We must win this fight.

The Left Doesn’t Want Co-Existance, It Wants Absolute Dominance A Nation at War With Itself

Comedy is Dead – The Left Killed It A Republic Too Fractured to Be Funny; The White House Correspondents’ Dinner suggests that stand-up joke telling is an art form whose moment has passed.

So Be It Left Won’t Cede Pop Culture Without A (Nasty) Fight

The Left Are Satan Worshippers The Satanic Temple Has Evolved Into An Anti-Trump Movement, And Leftists Are Flocking To It


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