Some Thoughts on Racism

Some thoughts on racism. Racism is as old as humanity itself. It starts with hatred for you brother, for which Jesus said you are worthy of Hell. I am not talking about dislike, disagreement, or having an opposing viewpoint. I mean deep down, irrational, murderous hate for another human being. The kind of hate that made Cain murder his brother Abel. That hate, given time, will take root and become prejudice. Prejudice is hatred directed at a group. We see this all the time. Leftists hate white people in general, men in particular, and white Christian men most of all. They make assumptions about us because we fall into that category. That’s prejudice, or bigotry. And the Left is loaded with bigotry towards an awful lot of people. Black people can be bigots. Mexicans (and other folks from points further South) can be bigots. Anybody can. Because they have a human heart and hate is a sin every mortal can be tempted with. That brings us to racism. Racism according to the dictionary is “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” It’s more systemic than plain old bigotry. Racism is what you get when Democrats get majority power. It’s a political system that obsesses about race, makes all its decisions based on it, and actively seeks to punish those not in the “favored races or grievance groups”. Historically it was blacks and Jews that Democrats hated the most. They built an entire culture of discrimination based on segregation and codified into law in the form of Jim Crow. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Another example is the treatment Jews received in Nazi Germany and Tsarist Russia. Or apartheid in South Africa. Or how the British treated the Irish. That’s racism. We have nothing like it at all in America anymore. You know why? Because a lot of white Christian men killed it for good. Republicans, the party of abolition, killed racism in America. When Democrats tar everybody who oppose them as racist, they rob the word of its meaning. They stoke grievances that have no basis in reality anymore. They pit American against American. And they do so with the goal of gaining absolute power. Don’t fall for it. It’s not racist to demand accountability from lawmakers who happen to have a bit more melanin in their skin. There are no “people of color”. Only people. And if everybody is racist then no one is.


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