Why Do Mass Shootings Happen?

Why do mass shootings happen? Let me stop you before you pipe up “because of guns”. If it wasn’t guns, it would be some other weapon. The calls to ban guns aren’t made from compassion, but from a callous desire to politicize tragedy and disarm the lawful. So that’s a non-starter. So why mass shootings? There are probably multiple factors in play. Here are a few. 1) Men, in particular white men, are demonized and marginalized in our culture. 2) Mental illness is everywhere and untreated. 3) Our culture is indifferent towards death. 4) Our media encourages violence towards its political enemies.

In such a culture, you can see how an angry white man, struggling with mental problems and paranoia, could latch onto the Central American invasion of Southern America, which is a real thing by the way, and decide to “do something about it”, in this instance, shooting a bunch of innocent people. It’s a despicable action, but an understandable one. Most of the time, it is Leftists trying to kill people they deem to be Trump supporters. This case in El Paso is unique. And of course, it is getting all the press.

Stand firm folks. We don’t need more gun laws. What we need is accountability for a media that encourages racial hatred of white people, misandry, and violence towards its enemies. We have to stop allowing the murder of innocents, whether through abortion, or later through Leftist ideology and its consequences. We have to rebuild our homes, so young men are raised in an environment where they are nurtured and loved, and socialized by their fathers to be dignified, self-controlled and self-assured, and honorable.

We can’t keep blaming lawful gun owners for the actions of lunatics. We are the last people who would ever harm anybody with a firearm, and the first ones to react should a mass shooting occur. We can’t keep calling the President and everybody who supports him racist. All that does is firm our resolve to fight back should you fascists ever get power. The only violence being stoked in this country is the hate-filled, wicked rhetoric spewing forth from Leftist mouths like a steady stream of raw sewage. It has to stop.


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