Current Events 09-07-2019

Who Cares For the Men? Who Cares For Families? The Cure for Confused Male/Female Relationships

Our culture is at war with men, and with families. It hates them, and everything they represent – stable, loving, heterosexual relationships centered around romantic love and the rearing of children.

Gimme’ That Old Time Eugenics Bernie Sanders Goes Full Eugenics: Abortion Will Control Population And Save The Planet

Walmart is a Monopoly, That Has Destroyed Small Business in America Walmart’s ‘Woke’ Capitalism

We must find an alternative to Wal-Mart and Amazon. I have a really hard time buying goods from companies that hate me, hate America, and where everything they sell is manufactured by slave labor in the 3rd world.

How Can This 24-Hour Leftist Propaganda Machine Be Permitted to Continue? What Is The Point of CNN? Nothing


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