Current Events 01-08-2020

COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF The President Is Preventing A War, Not Starting One

What is so hard to understand about that?

Obama Can Kill An American And Nobody Complains, Trump Kills a Terrorist And Everybody Loses Their Minds Democrats Supported Obama Killing Americans With Drones, But Take Issue With Trump Killing Terrorists

Iran Responds to US Actions By Killing 82 Iranians Iran Refuses To Hand Over Crash Data, Stoking Speculation Plane Was Accidentally Shot Down

Pushback Or Be Killed Not Pushing Back Fuels LGBT Tyranny

It really has come to that.

It’s Okay to Be White The New Racism

The Left Hates Christians and Christianity Trump to His Christian Supporters: Religion Is ‘Under Siege,’ but He Will ‘Never Stop Fighting for Americans of Faith’

Nothing Unites Us Now The Inertial States of America; Nothing unites us now, not religious faith, not cultural memory, not a common understanding of virtue, not the natural goodness of manhood and womanhood, not children, not the elderly, nothing. We do not seek “the naked bedrock of character and capacity,” because they are judgments against us.

Atheism will destroy the West, and the barbarians will conquer what remains.

“Free Trade” Is Killing Americans The Deadly Cost of ‘Free’ Trade; A growing pile of studies and a growing pile of corpses show that the debate over trade—specifically trade with Red China—cannot be limited to a dissection of economic indices, profit and loss statements, and “increased shareholder value.”


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