Current Events 02-19-2020

The Peasants Are Weary of the Oligarchy The Betrayal of the Elites

That Pesky Democracy WaPo Op-Ed Calling For Less Democracy Sparks Swift Backlash

So long as the system was rigged, and the Establishment chose the leaders and permitted us the illusion of voting for them every 4 years, then everything was fine. But once we seized that power and wielded it, suddenly “Democracy is in danger.” The truth is, they, the Left, wish they could make our country Socialist. They have made that clear. We must not let them.

Barack Obama Was a Traitor, and All You Bigots Who Voted For the Skin Color But Paid No Attention to the Man Are Fools Barack Obama: A Traitor for the Ages

Men Aren’t the Problem – FEMININE Men Are The Atlantic Obviously Doesn’t Have Any Idea ‘What It Means To Be A Man’; The Atlantic’s new cover story is just the latest installation in its long attack on manhood. But the author’s findings don’t support the existence of rampant toxic masculinity.

How Can Anything Be Considered ‘Evil’ If the Concept is Merely a Social Construct? Atheist Richard Dawkins Is, Sort Of, Talking Approvingly About Cannibalism, Again

Soylent green is people!

Mormons Gonna’ Mormon Utah Senate votes to decriminalize polygamy among consenting adults

We Are Only Silent Because the Bolsheviks Will Kill Us If We Speak Trump’s Whisper Network
What happens when the left cedes the free speech high ground?

He Did Apologize, Stupid Whoopi Goldberg Says She Won’t Criticize Any Democrats Until Trump Apologizes for the ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape. But There’s a Problem With That

Cement Milkshake Inbound #WalkAway: Democrat Who Left Party After Attending Trump Rally Not Backing Down in the Face of Harassment

Why Are We Funneling Money to Every Craphole Country in the World, But Ignoring Our Own Country’s Needs? If Duterte Wants Us Out, Let’s Go


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