Militant Normals

Allowing people to believe lies is not diplomatic – it is capitulation to the liars. Self-censoring to keep from triggering over sensitive pagans is not compassionate – it is cowardly. Letting a lie stand in your presence only serves to hasten the day when all the lies become the new “truth”. When that day comes, we will be the liars, and the true believers of the new faith will have no further need to preserve the existence of inconvenient people.

In the culture wars, notice who always demands that we be nice, cooperative, understanding, and compassionate, while they remain free to never be.

I for one refuse to play along with all the surrender monkeys around me. I do so secure in the knowledge that I am not the crazy, radical, or extreme one in the room. Rise up, militant normals.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth