Wise Up, Sheeple

If you are over 65, have underlying health conditions (emphysema, heart disease, diabetes, etc.), or you have a compromised immune system, then yes, Wuhan Flu is a threat. But then, so is any flu of any strain from any year. If you don’t fall into one or more of those categories, then you have nothing to worry about. If you have had it already, you are immune and have nothing to worry about. Live your life like normal. Do not be afraid.

Panicked groupthink, social media censorship, virus shaming, calls for massive expansions of government power to “save us from this disease” are pure totalitarianism. Mob rule is a far bigger threat than any virus. Don’t believe me? Ask the Tutsi of Rwanda, or the Armenians, or the Jews. The butchers behind the Holocaust and the gulags and the killing fields were “scientists” and “experts” too.

Why do you wish to surrender your capacity for logic and independent thought to invisible “scientists” and “policy makers?” Is thinking for yourself too hard? I for one will not be force marched into gulags by any scientists of any discipline, let alone mobs of panicked sheeple who have decided that “Science” is their god.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth