An Addendum

I’ve shared my thoughts on the latest media generated racial crisis. Thinking is where I always begin, because feelings do not matter, at least not from a standpoint of truth, law, reality or justice. But this doesn’t mean I do not care. I watched the same video you all did, and it sickens and angers me. That poor man. And that ignorant police officer, kneeling on his neck, ignoring his pleas, and refusing to budge until he was dead. Who does that? It is a clear case of police brutality, and that officer needs to be held fully accountable for his crimes. Mr. Floyd’s family needs to be fully compensated by the city of Minneapolis for the actions of its officer. And we must make sure as a society that our law enforcement, who I still hold in high regard and respect, are receiving the proper training to be able to know that YOU DON’T KNEEL ON A RESTRAINED SUSPECT’S NECK!!

** EDIT: As it later turned out, Derek Chauvin was NOT putting weight on George Floyd’s neck. The two autopsies performed showed no evidence of trauma to the neck, nor death from asphyxiation. George Floyd died of a self-inflicted drug overdose while in police custody. It was impossible to tell this from the original video. The George Soros backed Minneapolis AG withheld the police bodycam footage for four months. The bodycam footage tells the whole story. **

That said, the response of the citizens of Minneapolis to this tragedy is wicked. There is no call for burning down businesses, many of which are owned by African-Americans. There is no call for looting, and stealing, and violence against police, who are not guilty of this crime.

There is also no call for the virtue signaling I am seeing from “white folks”. We are not guilty of any crime here. It’s okay to be white. Just like it is okay to be black. Or male. Or female. Or blind left handed Gypsy. Or however you want to slice it. We are all people, made in the image of God, and I am sick to death of these calculating, lizard-brained, bigoted Leftists who cannot stampede fast enough in their rush to exploit a tragedy such as this for political gain.

You people. There is no racism here, or anywhere. Not for real. Not like there was fifty years ago. Don’t believe me? Go live in Africa. I will show you what real racism looks like. What we have here in America is the freest, most welcoming, most tolerant society on the face of the Earth. Or at least, we did, until about the mid-90s when Identity Politics started teaching Americans to hate each other again. It has to stop. The Republic depends on it.

I for one will not be herded into a groupthink mentality of constant outrage over imaginary offenses by the most miserable bunch of bigoted, unAmerican Leftists/Communists I have ever seen.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth