Some Thoughts on This Present Manufactured Media Crisis

Minneapolis’ problem is the problem of all cities and states with Democrats in charge – run down communities, broken down school systems, and incredibly misinformed brainwashed citizens. George Floyd should not have been killed. The cop who did it should be prosecuted. But the media doesn’t care about justice for George, or excessive force by police. If they did, they’d report on all the 100s of people who die in police custody every year. They chose to highlight this one case because of the optics – a white officer kneeling on a black guy’s neck. And now, they are doing what they did after Charlottesville – calling all white people racist. If the suspect had been white, we wouldn’t be hearing about it and Minneapolis wouldn’t be burning.

You know what’s ACTUALLY racist? White leftists assuming all black people are going to vote Democrat as a bloc. White leftists assuming that blacks are going to be dumber or less capable and placing them on permanent government assistance instead of letting them stand on their own feet. White leftists targeting black communities for extermination one baby at a time through abortion. White leftists refusing to hold black students to the same level of accountability as other students. And you persist in voting for these thieves and liars who, in their hearts, view you as inferiors who can reliably be counted on to keep electing them to feign outrage over your poor condition but never do anything to fix it. Notice where these white leftists choose to live. It is certainly not in the black neighborhoods they have neglected and left to rot.

And what about you, African-Americans? Don’t you think it’s time to stop blaming white people for all your problems and take some responsibility? When you elect African-Americans to lead your communities, why do they immediately move out and start a lifelong career of making excuses and robbing the public trust? Why do your neighborhoods look like demilitarized zones? Why are your young men killing each other far out of proportion to your population (13% of the population, 52% of the murders)? Why are you behind every other minority group in every area we measure academically? Whatever happened to black pride? All I see these days is “blame whites” and the same endless parade of lame excuses for your personal failures.

We are sixty years removed from the civil rights movement, and 150 years removed from the end of slavery. White people by the hundreds of thousands have bled and died to end slavery and overcome segregation. Our country elected an African to two terms as President. We have done everything in our power as a nation to atone for the sins of prior generations of Americans. But it is never enough. And it will never be enough. And you folks continue to fail and blame your problems on us. Dr. King would be ashamed of you.

I have no sympathy for rioters and looters. This is no longer about George Floyd, and everything about Communist uprising. Exactly like Ferguson. These are paid Communist agitators bussed in to loot and destroy. And I guarantee when you follow the money, George Soros is funding it. Do you really think George Floyd would want his memory associated with you folks looting and burning businesses, some of which are owned by African-Americans? What does any of this have to do with racial justice?

And finally, to all you stupid, insipid, sanctimonious, virtue signaling heathen white liberals who keep puking your Communist, BLM, ANTIFA talking points all over social media – shut up. You are what’s wrong with this country. You are at least partly responsible for this mess we are in. And, as per usual, you will talk loudly about “social justice” where everybody in your incestuous echo chamber can hear it and pat you on the back for your progressive values, but continue to do absolutely nothing to either live in these communities your policies and philosophy have destroyed, nor do anything at all to fix them, other than rob the rich and throw ever more money at failed systems you created.

Everybody else, for the love of God, stop letting yourselves be Balkanized by a bunch of leftists who hate you, hate your country, hate your God, and want nothing more than to rule you. Emotional, angry people are easier to control, and I see lots of good people getting propagandized by this nonsense. Love you neighbor as yourself.

I have spoken.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth