I Will Shoot You

I will not bow to a mob. BLM is a terrorist organization, with designs on political power. They want the same thing all politicians want – wealth, prestige, and the power to Karen everybody else’s lives.

I don’t doubt that bad things have happened to the melanin-enhanced among us, but bad things happen to lots of people every day. It’s not a racist conspiracy. Most of the time, it’s just jerks being jerks, crooks being crooks, or Karens being Karens.

I am a white supremacist, I am told. Not because I actually believe the tenets of the White Supremacy movement, which isn’t so much a movement anymore – more a disorganized gaggle – but because I won’t swear fealty to a godless, Leftist organization that wants to categorize all whites as racists.

The whole movement is predicated on a lie – cops are not targeting blacks for murder. There is no systemic racism. But there are an awful lot of very bigoted, deeply hateful people on the Left. White and black. And they hate this country enough to try to conquer it and us.

I love everybody. But let me be clear to all you lunatics – you try to overthrow the government, start shipping people off to gulags, or try starting some kind of a race war, I WILL SHOOT YOU. The 1st amendment grants you the right to be the pack of liars and bigots you are. The 2nd amendment means I can resist your revolution, should you actually have the testes to pull it off. Which I doubt.

Just sayin’.


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