Current Events 07-10-2020

This Is South Africa The New ‘Systemic Racism’ That Is Coming

Mandating that blacks be pushed into jobs they are not qualified for and did not earn, while qualified whites are kept out of jobs SOLELY BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE – that is exactly what the African National Congress (ANC) has done in South Africa. Our whole system of meritocracy, the idea that if you finish school, work hard, and apply yourself, then your labors will be rewarded, is dynamited by this. Now nobody works hard, because what is the point if you will be refused a job simply for being white, or granted a job for being black, even though you are personally lazy, stupid, and indolent?

Case in point…

Democrat Cities Are Actually City States How the Left Misuses Federalism

The New Maoism A Soviet Cassandra for Our Time

Can you not see where all this BLM Marxism will lead? It has nothing to do with racial justice, and everything to do with vengeance and Stalinist purges. If we don’t stop this, the nation will fall.

Christians Have to Be Purged Black Lives Matter Activists Harass Baptist Church in Upstate New York

The Democrats Want a Race War So They Can Rule Over the Ruins Let’s Talk about Black Privilege

All this is going to do is create more hatred between peoples. We will wind up going to war because the alternative is being shipped off to the gulags. Marxists, black and white, are the enemies of free Americans and should be treated as such. They want to pull this country down so they can rule what remains. They will succeed unless we stop them.

Fake Science and Fake Academia I Cited Their Study, So They Disavowed It; If scientists retract research that challenges reigning orthodoxies, politics will drive scholarship.

And the result is the death of knowledge.


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