Once Again, I Was Right

I told you. Didn’t I say, again and again, on deaf ears – “Wait for all the facts to come out.” ? Once again, the media beats the drum of systemic racism, and once again, the truth of what ACTUALLY happened turns out to be quite different. They pulled this seditious crap with Rodney King, and with Michael Brown, and with Eric Garner, and now George Floyd. Floyd was a criminal. He had a history of drug abuse and violence. He was in the middle of overdosing on fentanyl when the police arrived. Watch the video. You can see he is agitated, mentally disturbed, and he is repeatedly complaining of difficulty breathing, BEFORE Officer Chauvin restrains him on the ground with his knee. His agitation, his physical fight of the officers, and his ongoing fentanyl overdose, combined with a bad heart, killed him. It was an accidental death. And for weeks, WEEKS, I have watched my country burn, had good friends (thought they were good friends) sever themselves from me, and been called, and watched every other white American be called racist over this. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. And the media and politicians who have participated in this are guilty of treason.

Here is the full 18 minutes of video. Sure would have been useful to have this 30 days ago, you know, before 100s of millions of dollars in property damage and 30 people shot and killed by rioters. He was dying of a fentanyl overdose. The officers did not realize this, and were too busy trying to restrain a combative suspect. They weren’t abusive to him, other than having to struggle to control the frenzied, much larger man. By the time they realized what was happening, he had died. It’s terrible to watch. The fact is, the media lied, again, and people died, again. This was all so unnecessary.


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