An Open Letter to Republican Lawmakers

The purpose of my letter is to encourage you to support President Trump in his effort to defend his landslide victory Election night against what can only be described as the worst voter fraud scandal in American history.

The integrity of our elections is what separates us from totalitarian nations where all election results are determined in advance, and where the citizens of those nations are routinely disenfranchised by corrupt political machines.

If our citizens cannot trust the outcome of their elections, then our transformation into a third-world, totalitarian pseudo-dictatorship is complete.

To avoid this, I am encouraging you to refrain from endorsing Biden-Harris until all legal challenges are complete, and all votes have been verified.

The Republicans must rally around our man, and unify to defend the purity and integrity of our Election Process.

This is not the first election where corrupt Democrat party machines have attempted to usurp the legal votes of American citizens. But never before have they attempted to steal an election on such a broad scale.

This cannot stand. The Republican party must demand immediate auditing of election results by a bipartisan team in all the contested states. You must demand full transparency and accountability in the counting process. You must demand that mail-in ballots be thrown out in the contested states, if not nationwide, as those results are now hopelessly tainted. You must demand a full auditing of votes in the 30 states where Dominion Voting Systems was used, as this software is now demonstrated to be vulnerable to fraud.

It is the Republican party’s duty to defend us against this brazen effort by the Democrat party, the Big Tech monopoly, and mainstream media to disenfranchise us. The fact is, 71 million of us cast our LEGAL votes for Donald J Trump. I am asking you to support the President and stand with him on the issue of rampant voter fraud by the Democrat Party.

If this fraudulent election stands, we will never again have a free and fair election in America. I don’t think any of us want this. Please stand with us, and defend our country against the criminal actions of these corrupt Democrat party machines.

You must back your constituents – we stand with Donald Trump.

You must fight back – our Republic is at stake.

Thank you.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth