Current Events 01-18-2021

The GOP Cannot Be Allowed to Continue Why the Right will Neither Forgive nor Forget

This betrayal, which will probably destroy the country, cannot stand. They must pay a severe political price. All the traitors. They can’t serve in any political capacity ever again. And if possible, we need to make a new party and do away with the GOP entirely. They have betrayed us all.

NeverTrumpers are the Biggest Traitors If You Wanted Joe Biden, You Get Him, and You Don’t Get to Complain

They sold us out. All of us. It’s why we call it a Uniparty. Because they may as well be Democrats.

Worse Than Useless GOP Leaders in D.C. Don’t Represent 74 Million Trump Voters

If elected officials won’t do anything their voters elected them to do, then why do we keep voting for them, or giving them money or support? What good are they?

We Are As 3rd World As Uganda Our Presidential Election Wasn’t Too Different from Third World Uganda’s

This Was Not an Election – It Was a Coup Fascism is Back

And now the reprisals are going to begin. And the show trials. And the gulags. That’s how Communist takeovers work.

Laws Don’t Matter When Elections Are Stolen And Fraud is Certified Can Democrats Purge GOP ‘Insurrectionists’?
No, but their obvious desire to do so is a threat to the republic.

I think the damage is already done. Why should any law, any rule, be followed when the coup has happened and the bad guys won?

This Is Not An Inauguration – It Is The Coronation of a Dictator No Thanks, I’ll Be Skipping the Inauguration


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